The Advantages of HavingYour Own Boat or “Boat Project” This Year

While you may already have some idea of all the benefits of owning a boat or yacht, the boating lifestyle is packed with perks you may not even be aware of. If you have been sitting on that decision to buy a boat and are waiting for something to click to convince you, here are just a few of the advantages to owning a boat.

boating lifestyleThe biggest advantage to owning your boat is the freedom to travel just about anywhere the water will take you. After a stressful day at the office or the frustration of sitting in traffic in your car for hours, now you can simply hop in the boat and cruise at your pace. There is no traffic, no stress, no worries on the boat, sail off and watch the sunset or just sit back relax until you are feeling better.

For fisherman, nothing compares to having your own boat. No longer are you going to be confined to sitting on the shore with a crowd of others, you can find your own sweet fishing hole where the fish are jumping right into your boat. The best part is you can find thousands of quiet places to drive the boat and fish in complete peace.

Instead of driving to the beach and sitting with hundreds of thousands of others looking to watch the fireworks in July, you can drive your boat so that you have a front row seat to some of the best shows around the country. Nothing will impress the little ones more than being in the boat and being able to see everything without any obstructions.

Perhaps you are looking for a way to impress that significant other in your life. Nothing is more romantic than hoping in the boat and driving to some dockside restaurant in your boat. Whether a seafood restaurant or that Italian place you have heard about, there is something about driving the boat to the establishment and walking inside.

There are things you and your friends can do in a boat they can’t do anywhere else. Whether it is water skiing, tubing, or having a barbecue off the back, the boat is going to provide you many opportunities to create cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

These are just a handful of the numerous benefits to owning a boat, enough to convince you that you should be out there with family and friends making your own memories as soon as possible. To learn more about boating and the boating lifestyle visit:

Boating Safety Tips for the First Time Boat & Yacht Owners

Owning your very first boat or yacht can be some of the most exciting times of your life. All you want to do after you get the boat to the water is hit the high seas and let the adventures begin. Before you get your captain’s hat on and try to hit the water, it would serve you well if you took a step back and prepared with this list of boating safety tips.

The following first time boat owners safety tips furnished to us from a leadingĀ boats sales listing site, should set you on a the right course when you are ready to take off in the boat.

One of the best things you can do as a first time boat owner is register for a boating safety class in your region. These classes will provide you with an abundance of information that will help ensure each trip is as safe as possible. In addition to learning how to prepare for any trouble, you will get information on reading boating signs and navigating the waterways like it was a driving class for motor vehicles.

Be sure that you invested enough money in safety equipment before the boat ever leaves the docks. It does not matter how great you or other people are at swimming, things can go bad fast miles out at sea and the life jacket can be the only protection a person has from drowning after sustaining a head injury or when the boat capsizes.

This one should go without saying: “Never drink alcohol and operate a boat”, the same rules apply like driving a car. There are too many things in the water that you could run into when you are not able to pay close enough attention. Leave the drinking for when you are not in charge of others and the boat.

Bring a charged cellphone, or better yet a satellite phone, in the event you need help when miles out at sea. If your boat radio malfunctions, it might be your only lifeline to getting help.

Hire a local boat mechanic who can give your boat a good look-over from time to time to ensure the craft is sea worthy when you decide to go out for some fun times with your family and close friends.

Now that you have a better idea of the safety procedures that you need to be familiar with, take things slow and just keep in mind that the more you can do before you leave the safety of the shore, the better and safer things will be for everyone on board.